Paige the puppet in a leopard print hoodie in the office
Professional business advisor & YouTube Entertainer

the Puppet

If you’re a creative independent business owner who loves puppets and hates recruitment based business opportunities (business in a box, direct sales, multi-level and network marketing), and are looking for support and inspiration to start or grow your small business without losing your mind or your life savings – well then you might just love me.

Optimizing Businesses for Creative, Independent Small Business Owners. Are You Next?


my Skills

Technically, these are the skills of Mama (Patrysha), I am just the super cute messenger of straight talk on small and home based business. 

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Planning
  • Copywriting & sales strategies


  • Specializing in Champagne Marketing on a Beer Budget
  • Traditional & New Media Experience
  • Online and Offline Promotions
  • Certified Radio Advisor designation

Business Development

  • How to find customers
  • How to find funding
  • How to find the right support¬†
  • Creating plans that fit your actual goals

Tools, Training, Coaching

  • Learn theory & skills
  • Affordable & Easy to Access
  • Choose human or puppet delivery